XLC Mono / Duo Kinderanhänger

February 21st, 2016 No comments

Wer eine bezahlbare Alternative zu den Kinderanhänger von Chariot und Burley sucht, wird bei der Firma XLC fündig.
Diese bieten mit den Modelle XLC Mono und XLC Duo stabile und sichere Kinderanhänger um die 400€.

Der Clou bei den Modellen ist, dass ein Jogging-Vorderrad und ein Buggy-Rad mit im Preis inbegriffen ist – the Chariot zahlt man dafür gerne 150€ extra.

Als Zubehör empfiehlt sich noch ein Sonnensegel für sonnige Tage und ein Regenverdeck wenn es mal regnen sollte.

Für kleine Insassen empfiehlt sich die neue Sitzstütze oder die Weber Babyschale


January 17th, 2016 No comments

Now our baby is 7 months old and so we start to use this pampers:
Pampers Windeln Simply Dry Gr. 4 Maxi 7-18 kg Jumbo Pack, 2er Pack (2 x 74 Stück)

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Backe Backe Kuchen…

January 17th, 2016 No comments

Damit geht’s super und man kann den Kuchen auch praktisch damit transportieren:
Kaiser 750316 Bake&Take Springform mit Transporthaube, 26 cm

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Mini Display Port to VGA, DVI and HDMI Adapter

January 13th, 2016 No comments

I’m using a Lenovo Helix 2 notebook which only provides a mini displayport and mini HDMI port for connection to external monitors or projectors. So I bought this adapter to connect VGA, HDMI and DVI with my Helix 2: CSL – 3in1 Mini Display Port zu VGA + HDMI + DVI Adapter (Konverter) | PC + MAC / APPLE | vergoldete Kontakte

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Polar S710i Battery Replacement

January 10th, 2016 No comments

If you want to replace the battery of your Polar S710i, you need this type of battery:
CR 2354 Panasonic Lithium Batterie, CR2354 knopfzelle

A good description how to do this is available here:

Polar S710i Batteriewechsel (german)

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Golden Circle

May 3rd, 2015 No comments

On my second day I went out for a trip round the Golden Circle.

This is one of Icelands top tourist attractions – you can see all this in one day:

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First Day in Iceland

May 2nd, 2015 No comments

I started my sightseeing tour directly from Kevlavik Airport and my first stop was the Midlinia Continental Bridge between the North American and European continental plate.

You can park your car nearby and walk 2 minutes to the bridge.  Take some photos there, walk below the bridge and enjoy the fine sand between the two continental plates.

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Reykjavík – Iceland

May 2nd, 2015 No comments

I was send to participate at a software training at Vista Data Vision in Reykjavík, Iceland. As this training was dated at beginn of May, I decided to do travel round Iceland on the famous Ring Road – the Hringvegur.

So I had three days before the training started, and after the training I left Reykjavík to start my journey round Iceland.

After arriving at Kevlavík Airport I fetched some Iceland Kronas at an ATM in the airport, but you can pay nearly all with credit card or even with Euro Cash card. The only point where they did not have an card terminal they wanted me to pay in Euros 😉 If you drink a beer in a pub, you can pay with your card.

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Road Trip Arenal Observatory Lodge to Rincon de la Vieja

January 8th, 2014 No comments

After three days in Arenal Observatory Lodge I moved on to another vulcano, Rincon de la Vieja. I heard that the route to the top of the vulcano is closed for some years due to the danger of sudden vulcanic activity, so I decided to replace this adventure with another adventure – cross contry driving with my Toyota RAV 4 😉

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Arenal Observatory Lodge

January 6th, 2014 No comments

After Tirimbina I drove to the Arenal Observatory Lodge to spend a few days at the side of vulcano Arenal. As this was my third vulcano, i hoped that at least Arenal would show a little bit more activity, but…
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